What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a set of eCommerce tools designed to work with WordPress. In this Tutorial series you will learn how to install the WooCommerce plugin, get started selling products, setting up shipping, taxes, and analytics. Likewise, this guide contains information about everything social and email marketing to customer relations -- all from within the WooCommerce software.


WooCommerce is designed to work with WordPress, so it is scalable. It can grow as your business needs demand. The set of tools within the WooCommerce plugin are built for WordPress, so they are extensible and highly customizable.

Compatible with WordPress, Free and Open-source

If you are already comfortable with using WordPress, then you will have not trouble getting started with WooCommerce.

The same themes and plugins that are compatible with WordPress are compatible with WooCommerce.

However, there are many themes and plugins designed to enhance your experience with WooCommerce.

Should you face any situation in which WooCommerce is limited right, you can make any changes necessary to meet your needs. Following the open-source nature of WordPress, WooCommerce can be modified completely at the code level.

Sell Whatever you Want to Sell

As a business owner, you decide your market. You determine how to brand your store. WooCommerce is designed to place no barriers before you.

You can sell virtually any kind of product with WooCommerce. You can sell physical goods like books, clothing, or electronics. Likewise, you can sell digital items through a secure download.

Sell Anywhere

WooCommerce allows you to sell goods domestically and internationally. Where taxes apply, you can configure WooCommerce to complete the sale with the necessary specifications.

Your customers will be able to see taxes and shipping charges for their area before checkout.

Like any business, location is important. If you have a product that can be delivered locally or picked up at your location, you can offer this shipping method to your customers.

Changing the Look and Feel of Your store

If you have a favorite theme or template you like to use with WordPress, you can be sure that will functioning just as well with WooCommerce.

Should you be interested in trying something different, there are themes built specifically for WooCommerce. "Storefront" is the default Woo-optimized theme, and you can download it for free.

Provide the Best Products for Your Customers

WooCommerce provides tools to help you learn more about your customers, what is selling, and what you can improve to make your store the best it can be.

Onboard analytics allow you access to your store's store's statistics. You can see where your customers are located and what products they're interested in.

Knowing your customer's opinions can be important as well. WooCommerce lets you decide which products your customers can review and whether or not you would like to display those reviews to new customers. Will you allow registered customers to review or guests too? You have full control over these options.

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