How to Set WooCommerce Email Notifications

As we continue our series on the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress, we will now show you how to set email notifications in WooCommerce. Everything from new order to password reset notifications can be sent from your online store via email. This is the first step when troubleshooting missing emails from your WooCommerce site.
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Set Email Notifications

  1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Click WooCommerce then Settings in the navigation menu.
  3. On the WooCommmerce settings page click the Emails tab.
  4. You will then see the available email notifications and the recipientslisted. Roll your mouse over the question mark to see more information about the notification.
  5. Click the notification you want to set. In this example, I am choosing Processing order.
  6. You will then be on the notification management page. Ensure the box to Enable this email notification is checked.
  7. Click the Save changes button.

    You will then see a message stating "Your settings have been saved."

  8. Click the Emails tab to return to the notifications list.
  9. Repeat Step 5 through Step 8 for each notification you want to set.

Congratulations, now you know how to set email notifications in WooCommerce!

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